Asking the Right People the Right Questions

Smart people try to be aware of what they don’t know. Smart researchers try to go one step further and explore what they don’t know to determine if it is knowable. Then they set about gathering that information, analyzing it, and ultimately, hopefully, increasing the amount of information they do know.

The job of an independent investment researcher doesn’t seem that hard on the surface. And it isn’t — at least on the surface.

Knowing where to find the right people to answer your questions is only the first step. Being able to ask those people the most relevant, most timely questions in a manner that elicits the most meaningful answers is the next step. Then come weighing the importance of such information, its validity and how it fits in to the larger picture.

In sum, it’s important to consider the whole journey. Knowing what you don’t know is important. Knowing that you know all that can be known at a precise moment under a specific set of circumstances is crucial.




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