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Is iPhone 5 a Better Investment Than Apple’s Stock?

The screen is bigger, the resolution is better, the download speed is faster than ever.

Apple’s new iPhone 5, is an improvement in nearly every way over its predecessors, according to most reviews so far. But will it change your life if you’re already an iPhone owner? Probably not.

Meanwhile, Apple’s stock price shows every indication of being a game-changer. After the announcement of the iPhone 5, the company’s stock jumped above $700 per share for the first time. Now you can buy an iPhone, or even an iPad, for less than the price of a single share of Apple. So which is a better deal?

Marketwatch surveyed some investment professionals and found takers on both sides.

Clearly this is a matter that requires more independent research, as well as a bit of soul-searching. Has Apple’s stock price peaked? Has the utility of the iPhone peaked? Whatever your personal answer may be, it should have little to do with today’s headlines.

From an investor’s perspective, however, a broader approach is advised, as this recommendation to buy Google instead of Apple suggests.




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